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    Airtel Updated New Plans Effective From July 2024


    Airtel Updated New Plans Effective From July 2024

    Airtel Announces Updated Mobile Plans - What's Changing from July 2024

    Heads up, Airtel users! The mobile service provider is introducing revised plans starting July 3rd, 2024. Here's a quick breakdown of what you need to know:

    Price Increase on Most Plans:

    Airtel is implementing a price hike on most prepaid and postpaid plans. The company assures it's a "modest" increase, with entry-level plans seeing less than a 70 paise per day rise. Unlimited voice plans and higher data packs will experience a more significant bump.

    Here's a glimpse of some changes:

    • The popular ₹179 unlimited voice plan with 2GB data for 28 days will now cost ₹199.
    • The ₹455 plan offering 6GB data for 84 days jumps to ₹599.
    • The annual plan with 24GB data goes from ₹1799 to ₹1999.

    Postpaid plans are also affected:

    • The ₹399 plan with 40GB data and bundled subscriptions will see a price increase to ₹449.
    • Family plans are getting costlier as well. The ₹599 plan for two connections with 105GB data will now be ₹699.

    Airtel emphasizes these changes will enable them to:

    • Invest in network technology and spectrum improvements.
    • Offer a "modest return on capital."

    What to Do Now?

    • Check your current plan and its upcoming revised price.
    • Airtel is expected to update their website with the new plan details on July 3rd. You can browse their website or app to explore the revised options.
    • Consider your mobile usage and choose a plan that best suits your needs under the new pricing structure.

    Remember, these changes are effective from July 3rd, 2024.

    Stay informed and make an informed decision about your Airtel mobile plan !

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